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byalways_jatin, November 24, 2008

This is a really great module. Works really smoothly and easy to use. I have used on 3 sites.

The only problem is that it leaves module position behind.(i.e. MetaMod module remains there invisibaly.)

This doesn't help you when you want to include module in blog layout but not in article layout. Because empty space (right column in my case) still remains there.

It would be great if author can add this feature.
Owner's reply

Hi - very glad that this has been useful for you, and thanks for the review. If you're into advanced PHP and/or template work then it's possible to get around the way that the MetaMod is still published but with nothing in it.
If it's just a matter of an empty MetaMod showing up with some CSS styling around it, then that's generally not too hard to get around, especially from MetaMod version 1.5g. Just give the MetaMod an arbitrary css class suffix to prevent Joomla from styling the MetaMod itself, then work with the "style for included modules" and/or the "Style override for included modules" to make sure the inner included modules get styled correctly.
I'm working on MetaModPro which will completely avoid these issues and give even more control over module layout across the whole of Joomla, but because of the amount of ongoing work involved it's likely to be commercial. Watch this space!

byalways_jatin, September 11, 2008
Extra Vote
This is really an excellent plugin.Great Looks, Great Work, No bugs, Great Support. All these for free! Great.

I asked the author if he can help me add more functionality to the plugin. I wasn't expecting reply but to my surprise in 1 day I received plugin ready with the custom functionality.

Many thanks to author.