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byalwaysdiggin, May 10, 2013
My name is Scott I live in PA. I had damn complex project due in five days. RSForm claimed that they could do what I wanted but I went with Proform based upon a recommendation from a veteran Joomla designer that I know.
I took the plunge and purchased the MOOJ Proforms 365 offer. My deadline gave me one week to pull off the job. Support was terrific. The guys live in Germany and turnaround on support tickets reflects the time difference but its no big deal. They are very consistent on response time.

On Wednesday night (deadline was on Fri) I was having trouble and I needed help understanding one of their APPs I sent in a ticket and a response came back that Mad4Media was on holiday till Monday. When I received their message it was like getting punched in the gut. I lost hope on the project. Then on Friday morning the support responses started poring in. They answered my tickets while on vacation!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!! Mad4Media ROCKS! Trust me, these guys are the best.