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byamg99, December 14, 2011
BT Social Sharing
I just like the developers' attention to details in terms of design, from their website to the extensions they created. Everything's in harmony.

They have a video tutorial for each of the extensions, a demo site and forum support.

I downloaded this plugin immediately, unfortunately, there's a small issue with plugin ordering.

But I'm happy to say that the developers didn't stop until the issue is resolved.

Thank you very much guys!
byamg99, August 14, 2010
[ First time to give a rating and I never thought that it would be a "Very Poor" one. ]

Like all the high quality security extensions I've tried and installed on all the sites that passed through my hand, I'd love to use this one.

But adding a "Secured by Siteground Web Hosting" footer on all the pages is a huge turn off.

First, and as was said before, it's misleading. Second, does it have to be on all the pages?

I really liked it when I looked at the code, it's just sad that I can't use it, more so recommend it.

I hope you'll add an option to disable the footer. If that's not possible, maybe you could provide a commercial version so that people who really want to use jHackGuard can do so but without the Siteground footer.