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byamin_emami, April 6, 2011
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Easy to use, elegant and just perfect! Keep up the great work.
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Thanks for taking the time to Review : )

byamin_emami, February 25, 2011
Phoca GAE
This is a great tool, but I have a bit of issue with it. One of the ads only shows up on the home page, and not on the other pages. I have another ad which never shows up, although the ad html is on the page!
Owner's reply


"One of the ads only shows up on the home page, and not on the other pages"

If the ads is displaying on the site, everything is OK with the module (you have installed it correctly).

If you cannot see the module on other pages, you need to assign this module to all pages on your site. For more information how to assign Joomla! module to all or selected pages, see It is a common Joomla! feature so you can find answer on the forum.

Or visit Phoca Forum - to ask any question you have regarding Phoca Google AdSense Easy module.

Thank you, Jan

Anyway - for all other users - please, read before making a review:

If you have some problem or a question regarding Phoca Google AdSense Easy module, just visit Phoca Forum - - I am always ready to help you. If you paste a question in forum, I will try to answer it and find the best solution for you. Mostly if the question is pasted in forum, it means, you really need help and your issue is not a fake issue (like some absurd and fake reviews made here intentionally to damage the reputation of this module, which was for a long time best reviewed module in this category - it helps you to create Google Ads on your site with secure, easy and fast way and it is free without any restrictions).

Thank you for understanding. I still appreciate any feedback and constructive critic on Phoca extension to make them better.
Anyway - for some ... fake developers:

I really don't like to play the game with fake reviews here, I rather spent my time with developing useful extensions.
You can make fake reviews here, you can damage Phoca goodwill, you can attack Phoca server, you can violate Phoca copyrights but all Phoca extensions are made because I like programming and I like if I can create some useful thing which can help other people. All you are doing is motivating me to make new features and make Phoca extensions better. Is is a paradox, but all evil you are doing causes the improvement of all Phoca extensions. I am doing all my extensions in my freetime for fun which allows me to write the real truth about fraud you are doing without any fear.