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byaminraid, July 11, 2012
I purchased this component, and i just need it for simple booking table for a restaurant. i had a problem with selecting table by customer and i ask the customer service to how to disable it, and they said its impossible!!!
in the settings of component there is a option to do not allow client to choose a table, but actually its skip asking in first step, but in second step will asking client to select table again, and when i asked for that reason and refund, they replay "we don't refund since our product works prefect" instead apology and trying to help their customer.
Owner's reply

Hello aminraid,

First of all here you should write your opinion about our product, not your impression about our support. I don't see in your review anything related with our product features.

Second of all if anyone will read all the others reviews will see that our support is anything else than "poor". We offer the best support for any of our products.

There is a small mistake in your judgement and this is that you think that support = customization. You wanted to customize our product to fit your requirements and we had explain to you that this thing is not possible with a simple click, it will be necessary more work to do this.

If for a simple negative response you will rate a product with 1 star and the support as being poor this should say everything about your judgement.

I hope JED team will soon take actions against these kind of "reviews".

Ionut Lupu