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byamitpatekar, February 6, 2014
Easy order export - virtuemart
Good Extension, dose what is says and best of all its free. If you want simple order export functionality with date range or by email this is the perfect extension for the same.
byamitpatekar, April 18, 2012
Simple Image Gallery
One of the plugin I install without giving a second thought when I have to show a good image gallery in content. Thank you for great plugin.
byamitpatekar, April 6, 2012
Art Universal Lightbox
This is working, simple and FREE lightbox module. Its easy to use and in fact better than "Art Sexy Lightbox" in terms of stability and ease of use. Extensions like this makes the Joomla CMS more powerful and user friendly.

Amit Patekar
byamitpatekar, March 5, 2012
Akeeba Backup
This is one of the extension i install on all my joomla websites. Very handy and very useful for backup. Awesome extension and awesome support.

All the other extensions from Akeeba are also of great importance to Joomla website.

Thank and Regards
Amit Patekar
byamitpatekar, February 28, 2012
Maxi Menu CK
One of the module i use almost every time I need drop down menu in Joomla website.
Highly configurable and very easy to customize. I also bought the documentation pdf for this module. You can even change some of the color combination from the module settings in the backend.

CSS is little complicated as its include also php code but with little more efforts can be customized to what you want.

Amit Patekar
byamitpatekar, December 24, 2011
sp accordion
Thank you for excellent module. It has been proved to be more useful than many of the complicated and paid component out there on extension directory. Its very simple module and can be used any where. I have used it in article by using joomla inbuilt plugin called "Load Module". This way you can put it any where on your site, it can be a module on front page, or it can be module inline in any article. Awesome.

Also the inbuilt 4 themes are also very helpful and clients love it.

Thank You.
Amit Patekar
byamitpatekar, November 26, 2011
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This is must if you dont have access to cPanel or any other file manager. I use it when i dont get full access to the clients server. Its time save for making small changes.

Thank you very much for the excellent component. Component like this increases the power of joomla cms.

Amit Patekar
byamitpatekar, November 16, 2011
Excellent Module, Its confusing for new users and takes little time to understand how to configure it. But once you get use to using this module you will love it.

Only problem is the module is not updated from long time. Hope the developer will take note of this and release version for 1.7 or at least update the module

Amit Patekar
byamitpatekar, November 15, 2011
Simple Spotlight
Simple Spot Light is very easy to configure and simple to use slide show module. Any one without reading any king of manual or going through any tutorial can easily configure this module within seconds. I have downloaded, installed and configured it in less that a minute.

I has very useful facility to upload the banner images from the module itself, so now you dont even have to go to media manager to upload your banner images, you can do it from the module itself.

I love the simplicity of this module.
Great work. Module like this makes developing joomla websites fast and easy.

Amit Patekar
byamitpatekar, October 19, 2011
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
This is the plugin which is very simple to use and very effective way to increase the user interface. Divide your long articles into tabs or slides easily. The effect of sliding is also good.

Suggestions to Joomlaworks: In slides the "start" icons is by default, if they can provide more options for icons that will be great. I know it can be done from css, but not everyone out there knows css much.

Amit Patekar
byamitpatekar, October 17, 2011
jBackup System
Thank you for excellent plugin, its works like a charm. After installing and enabling the plugin
got email with 5MB backup of database.

How this plugin saved me time read below: When i was trying to take backup using phpmyadmin it was giving time out error. Then i tried connecting using Navicat. Navicat is not open source and also the learning curve is not that short. Then i tried to search on extension directory and found this plugin. The worked out of box and save me lot of time.
I was not able to find documentation. And some options in plugin need more description or documentation. Keep up the good work.

Amit Patekar
JCE is one component that i make sure its installed on all the websites i work on. Excellent work.

The only problem i am facing is that iframe is getting stripped and the iframe plugin is paid. I did lots of research on this one and still did not find the solution for the same.

Amit Patekar
byamitpatekar, September 28, 2011
One of the best form component around. Little complicated to understand in the first go, but the documentation is very detailed and clear. So if you find it difficult to configure, see the documentations. Its very flexible and lots of features.

Amit Patekar
byamitpatekar, September 16, 2011
Event Booking
I must say this is the best event booking component available. Its worth the money. I am using it for event booking for online SAP course website and its perfect.
Advance features like, early bird discount, group registration and group discount, integration with 3rd party components like community builder are some of the awesome features this component provides. The component is very easy to use and have tips just in front of the feature which makes using the component very easy. You do not have to read 100s of pages of document to get started. All in all excellent component with good user interface.

Amit Patekar
byamitpatekar, January 21, 2011
Thank you, This extension is awesome, and great value addition to any joomla website. It works perfect. It takes all the default setting like email id etc, you can change the default settings too.

I had problem with sh404sef but when i check the "sef-ext" folder the file for aiContactSafe (file name: com_aicontactsafe ) was missing, not sure how.

But when the file was uploaded all the problem got solved.

All in all great component and zero errors. Perfect job.

It just not sends email when form is filled, it also save it to database and you can manage the data in database.

Great Lead Generation Form.

The only feature which i will request is auto upgrade facility. I did not find any button to upgrade the component from older version to new one. I am sure that is on the check list already.

One more setting which i would like to have is pre-text which will be visible just above the form. ( It possible that i missed it if its already there )

Thanks and All the best
Amit Patekar
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your feed-back.

The update button was not on my "to do" list, but it is now.

The pre-text feature is already in the extension. You can access it by clicking "Edit contact" in the profile and edit the text there. You can even select the position of that text relative to the contact form ( top, bottom, left or right ).

Alternatively you could use one or more separator fields to add text anywhere in the form, including on top of all the other fields.

Please contact me on the forum or using the contact form of if you need more help with this.

Best regards,
Alex Dobrin