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byamitray, January 14, 2013
This is a nice component for a community based site. I would recommend this to all. I also request them to release a stable version compatible with Joomla 3 soon.
byamitray, September 8, 2012
This seems to be a very nice component but not well documented and also it comes with minor bugs. Overall a good idea. I didn't found any comparable component for free. This seems to have answered my requirements. I was able to remodel it and ajax-ified it to look more stylish. As most of the hard work was already done by the developer I had to just get the finishing touch.
This component has many features that I was looking for but it has many major setbacks. The moment I click on any order I get access to a subscription without paying any amount. Also if the same user pays twice for two different subscriptions it gets added to his account. So he becomes a member for 6 month plan as well as for one year plan for example. But overall a nice approach and if the author needs any help I will be glad to help him.
Owner's reply

I would like to thank you for helping us in testing our product. The queries you posted in the review

- For free Plan, Payplans do not ask user for payments.(if it was not a free plan, then please let us know more details on our support forum, we will happy to help you)

- If user pays for 2 different subscription, then he will be added to both of them, if you are looking for restricting user as per his previous subscription, then these features are under development for 0.9 release (expected in may end)

Anyways thanks a lot, hope to see you on our support forum.

Team JoomlaXi

byamitray, January 1, 2011
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This is really a nice extension and that too for free. Unbelievable. I made some changes to that fixed some bugs. Added a stylesheet. Thats it. It is looking much better now. Has almost all functionality of User Voice. Future I will add categories to it and make it look similar to User Voice which wont take that much effort. As everything is almost there. Thanks a lot for this nice extension.
byamitray, July 2, 2010
Apart from its look or CSS; Remository has everything that is needed for a download site. With a small hack in the language file I changed the name of a tab 'File Homepage' to 'Demo' and i changed "click to visit site" to "click for a demo". Job finished. Small thing but made my site better which deals with Joomla extensions. easily viewers can have a look at Demo now. Great Job but Kindly come out with some sexy theme.
byamitray, June 23, 2010
I had been searching some methods to remove footer links of some components. suddenly i saw in some forum about rereplacer. This exactly does what it says. It can replace anything in the frontend or backend. I used the html code displaying some footer and replaced it with a blank and as expected that footer vanished.
Thanks a lot to develop such a nice extension.
byamitray, April 24, 2010
Highlighter GK4
Out of the box gavick pro components and modules provides you everything that you can use to make your site professional, that too for free. If I would have been a millionaire i would have given a millions to them for their, Photoslide component, News component, Tabs Component etc. Thanks Thanks Thanks a lot.