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byamob7880, October 31, 2012
Community Builder
In trying to decide which Community Component that I wanted to use, I kept seeing complaints about one provider's support system and little but praise for Community Builder. That was one of the major factors that made me choose CB. I had some issues with the CB Quickstart Pro. I posted on the forum and had a quick response. It took a little effort on their part but they were able to get everything working like a charm. The support is excellent and so is the product. I look forward to getting my community set up. It appears that there is a bit of a learning curve, but I know if I stumble a bit - support will be right there to guide me on.
byamob7880, May 30, 2011
I can't say enough good things about this component. I have tried several other "popular" Joomla blogging components and this very simply blows the others away. It is feature rich and very easy to setup and use.

I did have an issue with it not showing modules on the blog page, but their support jumped right on it and fixed it even though the problem was related to an issue with another component on my site. They happily and quickly made the fix for me.

Whether you are using this as a single blogger or multiple, this is absolutely the very best that it out there.
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Thank you!

byamob7880, October 10, 2010
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Gary´s Cookbook
While this component works well in most cases, it is just not suitable for most site due to "Gary's Cookbook" appearing all over the place. On the opening initial page, "Gary's Cookbook and garyscookbook appear in six places - only two of which are easily removed.

I know the developer worked hard on his extension but goodness, why put "Gary's Cookbook" in so many places.

If you place it on your site, people will be asking who is Gary and not see that it is your cookbook.
byamob7880, October 10, 2010
Zap Calendar
I am rating this Excellent even though there are a few minor issues. Overall this is a great ext that adds so much to my site. I am in a very competitive market and upcoming events is an important feature. Z calendar blows my competitor's event lists/calendars away. The Google Map feature in the paid version is just outstanding and worth the cost by itself. Looks like the forum is actively supported by the developer so I will take my minor issues there.
byamob7880, November 6, 2009
What a great module! I may have spent a whole 5 minutes reading the documentation on recipes so I could attempt to control modules appearing in sub-categories in SOBI2. I cut and pasted the sample. I replaced two fields with my information. Clicked on Enable and it worked. That took all of 2 minutes. Now I can easily sell advertising to appear for different cities and even individual SOBI2 entries. This is fabulous.