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This component is just great! However, some parts can be slightly hard to beging with, and thats where the developer comes in! From the support I've recieved, I beleieve the developer truely knows and takes pride in the component, which is great for us users are it translates into amazing support thats very friendly and quick too.

Thank you to the developer for the great service!
byampz21, August 1, 2010
Account Expiration Control
Firstly I'd like to tell you why I think there's been so many low rating for this component.
This component has so many features and options, it’s amazing! But put that together with a user that hasn't spent enough time with the component, and there's bound to be frustration. I admit I too was at this stage for a short time a couple of months ago, however now I don't know what I'd do without it! An easy way to avoid this "stage" is to simply take some time to play around with the settings, the setting fields have descriptions. And also read the FAQ's at valanx. I'd also suggest using the video tutorials on how to install AEC, it really helps and explains the process.

The Product Now:
I haven’t been able to find anything similar to what AEC offers, the amount of add ons/Micro integrations is huge! I've only needed to use one so far, but looking through the list shows so many possibilities that I can implement later on if I want to. Another thing I like about AEC is that it takes into consideration the actual users of your website. Not only does it allow you to provide a vast amount of paid or free plans, but it also lets you setup a trial period so your users could get an idea of whether they'd want a longer term plan on your website. Good stuff if you ask me.

The Developer, AEC Team, and
The developer David, is very helpful in answering questions, I've had a lot actually and they've been answered promptly with answers that are to the point and helpful. The problem I had was with the one Mi i needed to use, and eventually I entered the problem into a support ticket. Jake, who is a member of the AEC Team, and also the person that looks into and answers the forum questions then also looked into the problem. The support was great and we have now sorted the problem, and in fact, the Mi has been rewritten to be more efficient! So from my experience, the support is more than satisfactory, and the people I have come across have been very helpful, which in my opinion is partly what makes a component great, the people behind it. As for the forums, the answers do seem to get answered in a timely manor, and some do take a little longer but I think that’s due to the lack of actual members contributing, not that they have to but that’s just why in my opinion. I'd suggest using the ticket support to get more important problems sorted, but really the FAQ are sufficient enough most of the time.

Sobi2 Users:
There has been quite a lot of sobi users saying that AEC does half the job for them, (it's supposed to expire listings, and republish them if needed), and then there have been other users saying it works well for them. However now sobi users shouldn't hesitate to get this component.
You can now get this component and not worry about whether it'll work for you or not, as the developer and team have now fixed the problem, and it works seamlessly with it!

AEC combined with the FAQ’s/Videos, is really not that hard to understand. I think that the huge amounts of options is a good thing, it gives you more control, and as Control is actually the main purpose of this component (Account Expiration Control), you really do get your money’s worth!
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
This component is great, it does exactly what is says, and it look/works great! But the real investment is with the support I have found. The developer answers any questions very quickly and I found this made the component experience complete. Whats the use of a component is you don't know how to use it, (thats where the developer comes in!). The component is fairly simple to use, and reading the documentation will help, Thanks.