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byanalographi, August 26, 2009
Well, its a music player, that is ok.

But it's totally useless for real background music because it does restart the music everytime the user navigates somewhere else within the site.
Owner's reply

Hello, you may want to check out the latest JBGMusic version 1.5. I have changed player and audio should continue between page changes.

byanalographi, February 3, 2009
Pro Image Flow
Very easy to use and setup, very beautiful design!

even has a transparent background!!

Looks like the image flow in MAC osx or on the ipod touch / iphone .
Pro Magic Audio Player
There is not much to say about this extension except that it is perfect!

It works very well in joomla 1.5 and is so easy to use. It's a dream no more playlist creations, the extension just needs a folder and creates its own playlist!

No more worring about the size of the player. this flash player is flexible as hell!

And, last but not least. I got very good custommer support!

Definitly more than worth the money! Very very very good.
byanalographi, January 28, 2009
This is a really nice component. It works as it should!

There is a little bug though. If you want to edit a form after creating it, it does not show the WYSIWYG preview from the form anymore. it shows up for a second then disapears.
Thats with safari and firefox on mac.

Beside that its great! Highly recommended.