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byanavrin, August 27, 2013
SD Google Authorship
Unlike the other Authorship plugin at the top, this one was able to work. It was perfect and took about 1 min to set up.

Thanks so much!
byanavrin, March 20, 2013
System - Nomad
I needed some help so I posted on their support forums. Michael went BEYOND most developers, taking the time to leave a lengthly reply to my situation.

I wanted some additional functionality unique to my site so he suggested coding a custom plugin at a really reasonable rate. Before I could agree, he sent me another email saying that actually another developer has already done a commercial plugin like that for cheaper, and he linked to the page.

A stand up and skilled developer who provides top notch service and plugins.
Owner's reply

Honesty is the best policy. Those who have kids will understand what I mean when I say that I always try to set the best example.

I may have lost a few dollars in development work, but I did what was right and felt good about doing it.

And I have an answer to your other question too. emailing soon.

byanavrin, April 14, 2012
Needlessly to say the product was FANTATSIC, super easy to use out of the box and the functionality (I especially love the front-end posting / gmail style auto draft saving, why can't joomla have that?) and all the extra modules / plugins were great too.

To top that off, I had 2 customization issues which developers normally don't care about and tell you to hire a coder. Mark not only replied less than an hour of my post, he went out of his way to help me customize it extremely accurately. I couldn't be happier and I have never come across such fantastic support anywhere!!!!

My three favourite premium services so far are jreviews, comopojoom comments and easyblog. As someone who has installed hundreds of extensions, if youre looking for quality premium products to boost your site I would recommend these three as the best.
byanavrin, March 23, 2012
CComment Pro
When i was first browsing it either between this or jomcomment but because this was the only one still being updated (for 1.7) it was an easy choice and boy am i happy i chose this.

Not only are there tons of a additional add-ons to install, the support (which u never get these days coz its usually random drones instead of the actual original coder) is fantastic. Daniel spent heaps of time trying to resolve my issue (which turned out to be a memory limit from sourcerer and not even releated to compo) and was very helpful all the way through. This just goes to demonstrate what kinda of awesome support is behind the product.

The comment system is superb, the only thing i have but that can be solved on your own through simple html/css overrides you can make easily from the backend yourself in a custom file they provide u with.

This and nonumber are my favourite coders now.

byanavrin, March 20, 2012
Knu JSAlerts
First of all everything is in german so I had to use chrome's translate to understand what was going on, even tho the coder speaks english as a second language im sure.

Second thing, I had no idea which to download as there seemed to be 3 alerts/everywhere mods which did roughly the same thing.

None of them worked properly on my site, as all three caused some modules not to display and it messed up the main page. One of them was especially good, u could change the background to transparent. The last one i downloaded (this one) didnt even display.

But this seems to be the only mod with a global logout / PM functionality which is after and i will gladly pay for a working version.

It definetly has potential once the coder fixes the bugs :) Note im using jomsocial 2.4x and joomla 1.7x

Heres hoping things improve.
byanavrin, November 15, 2011
Core Design Spoiler
Is there a way to change it to a custom # color of your choosing? If so, where is the place to look for it?

Would like to know before downloading, looks great from the screen shots thanks :)
Owner's reply

You can change the background via CSS file:
Please use our forum if you need more assistance. Thank you.