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byandesig, November 25, 2006
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JCal Pro
A great new implementation of the very nicely designed extcalender events component, with a new backend control and a few other tweaks. Visually it's the events calendar of choice because it looks stunning and works well straight out of the box. The ease with which users can enter new events is particularly good. The backend control panel is a great bonus, but there are still a few niggles inherited from the previous incarnations:

I'd love to be able to have a separate "venue" field for an event - this is particularly important when displayed in the "latest events" module. The repeating event function is pretty rudimentary, for example not allowing for repeats say on the third Thursday of each month, or bi-weekly. Events entered as monthly also bring in a few anomalies.

The otherwise excellent "latest events" module does not format start and end times consistently as default (eg 20:00 - 2100 instead of 20:00 - 21:00. The module could also be a little more customizable.

The mini-cal component also looks great, but this in particular would benefit from the ability to adopt the general site-wide stylesheet rather than its own formatting if required.

All in all an excellent reworking of a great calendar. For me it beats JCal and the others, and I'm sure will be even better in its next version. Thanks for keeping extcal alive!
Owner's reply

The latest events module has been updated (and supercharged) and now displays the start time and end time correcty.