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LMS King
I would love to give LMS King an excellent review. After being a Moodle user for many years, it has all the features I was seeking in a Joomla integrated LMS. BUT. The support is poor at best. Even as an experienced user of LMS systems, the structure of the system is complex enough that I require training to use it properly. The documentation is weak (I can deal with that, and would happily contribute to it once I get to that point). But I posted an urgent request ticket (#652398146) on their website 5 days ago, and have yet to hear a response. To me, that level of service undermines the excellence of the software itself.
Owner's reply

Andrea, your support ticket was replied to 27 minutes after being submitted but the reply bounced because your mailbox was full.

byandreahill, July 21, 2014
I have to submit this review for Hikashop for Business (paid version). As a user of Magento and Virtuemart, I just can't get over how much functionality is built into Hikashop. For a fraction of the cost of a full-featured Magento experience, Hikashop does everything you want - and more - for eCommerce. From filters to unlimited display options to complex SKU configurations. It does take a commitment to learn. Do expect to read the documentation and the forums, and do expect to play around with it. But once you understand the architecture and the logic, it really is brilliant. Technical support is good. They're not warm LOL - can be snippy - but they do provide excellent support and the product really does work.
byandreahill, October 18, 2013
I think I may have tried every social share option in the Joomla directory, and FINALLY I found one that works. It's simple, elegant, the settings work, when you want to leave it off the front page it actually stays off (unlike the rest), installs easily and it plays nice with other extensions. Thank you Mr. Mochlas!