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byandrecolbert, August 6, 2011
Simple Email Form
I found the basic form generated by this extension worked well, but the layout of the form sucked. I couldn't get the "name of css class" to work at all. I emailed the developer and never heard back. There's not a word on their website about how you might do even the most basic styling of your form. I simply wanted to put some space between the rows in my form. The demo version shows some, but my "out of the box" form didn't so I can't really use the extension. So, unless you know PHP really well, your "out of the box" form is going to look very unprofessional. I suggest looking at a few others before you bother with this one.
Owner's reply

Normally I respond to comments in a timely manner, so very sorry to have let this one slip by! You can pretty easily stylize the form by filling in the "CSS Class" field in the module configuration. When then happens is that the form will be rendered in this format: label ... more rows ...

Accordingly, you can create a style along these lines:
.your_class {
// basic styling info
.your_class th {
// styles for labels
.your_class input {
// styles for input fields