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byandrewlaird, March 17, 2012
This works straight out of the box. Don't forget to go into plugin and highlight 'Public' in the restricted user groups otherwise it wont work as you need to choose a group!
byandrewlaird, April 30, 2011
Super Banner Slideshow
When I moved over to Joomla 1.6 I found that most of my favorite image slideshows were not yet compatible and still only for Joomla 1.5. I needed an image show to display images of our outdoor events website.I found Super Banner Pro in this site and went over to the Magic Point Team website. Not only did I find this module looked seriously cool enhancing my site but they have other cool flash modules as well! The price is very small for what you get and they worked straight out of the box. The one I had used for Joomla 1.5 in the past was more expensive and did not have all the features this module had! To be honest, I couldn't decide on which module to use so I bought the lot! Still very cheap! I had one small issue in Joomla 1.6 and their support is excellent. Daniel replied promptly and helped me out even though it was not due to the module! I cannot believe there are only 2 reviews here! Keep up the good work and I love your modules.
byandrewlaird, December 12, 2010
Renat running text
From all the running texts and tickers I have tried this was the best. Very easy to set up and have running within minutes!
byandrewlaird, November 27, 2010
Featured YouTube Slider
I installed this module but found it doesn't play videos in any Browser! I contacted the developer for support but did not get any replies! Not recommended and will look for something better
Owner's reply

Hello JED Team and all user,
Yes, this person has contact our email, but we have reply its 3 times and if he still not understand, we recommended him to discuss its at my forum, but he never do that. Actually, it's the free module and not commercial module, so we hope that you are understand about our time to solve each problem.

byandrewlaird, November 21, 2010
Admin Tools
Anyone that owns a Joomla site should install this. No more having to manually upload files via ftp! A simple one click and your Joomla site has been updated and secured! Fantastic component saving me loads of time on my clients sites!
byandrewlaird, July 30, 2010
No Joomla site should be without it! I recently got hacked due to my own errors and after re-installing a backup realized that just having the correct permissions to folders and files is not enough. I bought and installed RSFirewall which not only showed me all the vulnerabilities in my site but enabled my to securely lock and protect it!

If your site does get hacked you can install a backup but you still need to find where and to protect it from further attacks. RSFirewall can save you a lot of time and headaches and the price ... how much do you value your website!
byandrewlaird, April 25, 2010
Smart Flash Header
The first thing I noticed upon installation was that the images displayed a lot quicker than an alternate flash component I was using. It worked straight out of the box and was well worth the minimal fee for purchase. I highly recommend this module for any Joomla website.
byandrewlaird, March 7, 2010
As with their previous version, Docman is easy to install, set up and use. I have to state that the component is worth a lot more than their minimal fee. I also use it as they have developed a good reputation in the past. Well done Docman team.
byandrewlaird, October 18, 2009
Pay by Paypal
Firstly I'm a little surprised at finding only a few reviews! Due to this I was a little hesitant at downloading it. I'm glad I did. I installed this module and had it set up and working in less than a minute. The only thing I found missing was a module class parameter which I have forward to the developer. I added my own and it worked beautifully. Well done to the developers and I do hope others try and review this module.
byandrewlaird, October 14, 2009
I was a little sceptical upon reading the reviews on how easy this component was! I had tried all the other forms here and found them either difficult to understand or the need to hack the Joomla core files. Even after hacking the Joomla core files some of these forms dod not work! So I installed mad4media component and created a form. It took just minutes! Fantastic. No hacking, no coding and the forms look clean with a great captcha at the bottom. A component like this has been needed for a long time and I didn't pay to have their link removed! It deserves to be there!
byandrewlaird, September 14, 2009
All I can write is 'what a great component'! I didn't want to use Virtuemart as it was too heavy for my needs and I like the concept of using my content pages to create the products! It gives me a lot more creativity and I was able to set this up within 15 minutes with easy to follow instructions. And it's FREE! Well done to the developers.
byandrewlaird, September 29, 2008
RSform Pro
I don't often write reviews but this is one one that really deserves it. When I first installed rs forms I had a little problem (not due to rs forms)and contacted Alexandru. Not only was his reply prompt but he went into my site and helped me out. This product is easy and you don't need to be a coder to understand. Take a little time to read the instructions and you'll be making some serious forms. I will be using rs forms on ALL sites and give and truly earned.

Well done Alex 10/10

byandrewlaird, April 21, 2008
JSN ImageShow PRO
I downloaded the free version, installed, set up the image folder and it worked perfectly! This module is really easy and I am surprised to see only 1 other review! I am buying the pro version without any hesitation once I have completed my Joonla 1.5 site! Great product.

byandrewlaird, January 21, 2008
This mambot installed easily. It was quite surprising the difference it creates to the overall look and feel of your site! I have no hesitation in recomending this. A must for Joomla developers.