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byandy22, July 15, 2009
I've switched from Noah's Classifieds to this one and they're very similar. Things I currently have issues with and are trying to figure out how to change code for:
- The way it uses email addresses out in the open, with no way to hide them. I'd like a to have an email form to contact sellers with no visible email address. What if a spammer logs in and starts harvesting user email addresses?
- The email message sent to sellers through the form can be confusing. I'd like to have some sort of header in the email telling sellers that this email has come from my website from AdsManager, possibly from my website email address.
- I only have one category, yet I have to select a category from a drop-down box.
- I want to have 'price' in the Short Display Mode, or people will try to write the price in the title, which looks awful.

I love how it integrates into Community Builder. I love the look of it and the customisation I can do with CSS (I had to change a lot, as I have a white font on black background). I've customised AdsManager for people to sell their old books and it works very well for this purpose.