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byandyhowie, July 12, 2012
Just to get the semi-bad out of the way...this product is missing the ability for the manager to "listen-in" and monitor tickets that have been assigned AND it only deletes the emails after the cron picks them up (instead of just reading them).

As for the good stuff...This is a great product that is bug-free and terrific support. I can give no higher praise then to say that the available features work as advertised and when their is a problem you get a response.

Thanks RS Joomla!
byandyhowie, November 19, 2010
Event Booking
I implemented this product on a volunteer website and immediately went live with over 60 events in the first month. We are pushing this simple to use extension to its limits and it is doing a great job keeping up!

It has a couple very minor issues but the support from the developer is quick and thorough. An example of a minor issue is this: the extension comes with a great calendar view but if you have more then one event on a single day they are not ordered bu start time. As I said very minor but being dealt with.

Thanks again Tuan, keep up the work and you have a permanent customer!
byandyhowie, November 19, 2010
Joom Donation
This is a great simple to use extension. The formal documentation is a bit lacking but this is more then made up for with a quick search in the forums. The developers have written solid code without a lot of fluff.

I am very happy with the extension and even happier with the support that Tuan and his team provide!
byandyhowie, August 28, 2010
Payment Form
If I could give Tuan and his team more then 5 stars then I would!

The Payment Form is easy to use and easy to install. It works as advertised and has just the right number of features.

And the best news it that when I needed a new feature added Tuan re-worked the code and had the new feature fixed for me to present to my client in less then 36 hours!!!

I have used one of their other extensions as well and it is just as great. They have many extensions and you can trust Tuan's professionalism and abilities. HE will not leave you hanging.