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byangela3982, January 24, 2007
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Akeeba Backup
I've been using BigApe for the past few months, but never having occassion to actually need the backups. Yesterday I installed something that really screwed up my site by breaking the internal links, but I thought "hey no problem - I backed up everything"

So....I got out my trusty BigApe backup set and tried to restore the database - man! what a mess...

The comment tag used in BigApe backups (//) causes errors during a SQL query. So I had to manually edit out all the lines that started with // and then restored the backup, but now my database is really screwed up with several of the tables having lost their auto increment tag.

So...I've installed this new one, it works really well, and I HOPE it works for restoring my site...- havent' tried that part yet.