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byangelasue, October 6, 2008
Phoca Gallery
I've been using Phoca since May or June of this year, and I must say that it is a very nice, simple yet well featured gallery extension.

It is highly customizable, simple to use, and clean looking. Phoca met my needs when I first installed it, and they continue to improve on the extension on a regular basis.

The website keeps you posted on requested features and what is coming out in the next release. Upgrading from an older version to the latest release is a breeze. Thus far I have not encountered any bugs, problems, or issues from upgrading.

Thanks to Phoca and keep up the awesome work. I would recommend this extension to anyone.
byangelasue, July 25, 2008
Simple RSS Feed Reader
I needed a simple RSS feed reader for my client. He has a blog on another site, and I was able to have his blog showing on his joomla! site within 3 minutes. Simple download, easy install, breezy set up. Nice range of settings and options. My client is pleased, as am I.
byangelasue, May 12, 2008
Phoca Gallery Plugin
Phoca just updated a few things for the gallery plug in and I'm super please with the ease of use. I originally installed Phoca Gallery for my own basic use, then decided that I wanted my registered users to be able to upload pictures of their own. This has just been added in the new release! It is a very easy to use program, not bulky, not drowning with a bunch of features I do not need, yet still nicely equipped. My users can now upload from the front end login! I'm delighted that I don't have to switch galleries now.