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byangelducky, September 11, 2008
This provided a simple but very powerful solution to a personalization problem on a website I'm working on. Not only does this little module allow individual users to customize which modules they want to see on a page (and in what order), the developer is quick to answer questions and willing to offer custom solutions. When I asked him about resizing MetaMod depending on the module being pulled in, he responded extremely fast and offered to take a look at our site to help with pinpointing how to change the CSS. You can't get much more helpful than that!
byangelducky, July 29, 2008
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I had been having so many issues with debugging my components and J!Dump has really made my life easier! I had been attempting to use print_r, die, and echo statements to debug and was frustrated at the many limitations of doing things that way and figuring out exactly where my statements were in the code. This tool not only lets you set your custom messages and dumps the variables, it also tells you what file and line number the code is. Going back and getting rid of all of the statements is much easier now. Thanks for this great tool!