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byangelsanchezjr, May 13, 2013
Easy Frontend SEO
I´ve been trying this extension for a few days and i find it extremelly usefull, time saving and really helpfull, i just love the front end feature, just a recomendation for maybe later versions, maybe adding a feature so you are able to put some words you want of title, metas, or description in html tags like "bold" or spetially "strong" tag, that will be IMHO a more powerfull SEO extension, Thanks Viktor for your hard work and for share this extension with us.
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Thank you very much for your review!

byangelsanchezjr, December 8, 2012
ContactForm for SobiPro
Since the developers of this extension "tells you" there is a free version, they just play around with you wasting your time and they just don´t let you download it, first they ask you to like them on facebook and then to wait a "seconds" that become an several minutes without the option of download it, but the upgrade to paid version button works like charm, is ok to pay but first i always like to try it to see if it it going to be usefull, in wich case i´m NOT goin to pay for something i really don´t know how is going to work on my site.
Too bad for the admins of this site, it looked like a good idea, since they don´t waste your time making you wait after like them on facebook and after register at their site, and then what else? dancing a russian balalaika? NO WAY JOSÉ.
Thanks, i´ll try another one
byangelsanchezjr, April 7, 2012
Is just PERFECT, kind of too many options, but that just make it more detailed, is actually much more better than many others that are not free, Great job and thanks to the designers and developers of this great component, works just perfect on joomla 2.5
lets keep suporting this guys so they keep doing such a great job
byangelsanchezjr, April 3, 2012
Hi, thus this is the best gallery i coulf found after all day searching the net, im trying to download the file for joomla 2.5 but it seems not to be in the list, any body could please help me? thanks a lot
Owner's reply

Clicking the "Download" button will take you to the JoomlaCode "Browse releases" page where you can obtain all sigplus releases. Basically, there is a version for Joomla 1.5 (sigplus 1.3.x) and a version for all other major Joomla releases. In particular, sigplus 1.4.x (in the package "Joomla16-Joomla25") is what you are after, which covers all Joomla versions 1.6 and up (including 2.5).