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byanirudh7, September 23, 2014
CDN for Joomla!
I am guessing there 90% of Joomla users uses Shared Hosting most of them suck(not users the Hosting companies) CDN is the only solution to over come that problem. As of 2014 Cloud is cheap and I am sure enough thats its going to more cheaper in future.

Now when it comes to CDN for Joomla I wish joomla has this feature inbuilt in near future(say 2016), I dream to even host my DB from cloud with a mouse click.

Peter! You rock!
byanirudh7, September 19, 2014
Smart Slider 2
I have smart slider on two J2.5 sites and its not a good experience as it does not work all the time. If you are first time user the slider loads perfectly and if you refresh the page its gone...., I have contacted support team(WPC140221-3721-82168) regrading the Jquery conflict but they could not solve it either....

Its a great Product for sure, I see a beautiful slider as soon as I clear the cache but otherwise its a point less extension.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry that you have bad experience with Smart Slider 2. Nowadays almost every extension and template use jQuery, but not every updated often. It means that some of the extension stuck on older jQuery-s or the template is not updated also. It can result in jQuery conflicts, between the different versions. (The most usual is that an old extension try to use the jQuery.browser which is depreciated since 2009). Smart Slider's jQuery tries its best to avoid these conflicts, this is why it works fine when our jQuery enabled. To be able to make Smart Slider work without its own jQuery, you should solve the issues in your other extensions and template (or contact with their support to fix those conflicts). Also jQuery Easy plugin is a great deal as most of the times it work great. You can find it on JED.

If you still feel that our extension is the faulty one, please open a support ticket on our site and I will take care of this issue for you!

Roland Soos

byanirudh7, August 27, 2014
Asikart QuickIcons
I hate clustered backend, with Quickicon I save lot of time and my backend is as beautiful as my backend.

but my website without Quickicons is 17mb with its 22mb...

I had few hiccups with 2.1 and developer solved it as soon as I raised the issued at Git
byanirudh7, August 19, 2014
Event Gallery
I was using iGnite Gallery and I was very comfortable and I thought to give it a go with Event Gallery and yes It was very good investment... Support was very quick

There are few bugs where developer could not fix it but he promised he will come up with a solution in next update(The thumbnail of last image in the gallery is too dam big)

Overall its not a Perfect gallery but best gallery in JED but the developer deserves 5 star
byanirudh7, May 6, 2014
PredWeb JPhotoEditor
Working extension but what's the point if you can't save edited image to Joomla_Root/Images?

If you are on a Mac, Windows or Linux this extension is not much useful "in my point of view"
byanirudh7, April 12, 2014
jQuery Easy
Ok! one thing if the plugin is not working you should definitely check out the sub-versions and please make sure that the api is live in Google Libraries

For example: jquery-ui/themes/base/css is not hosted on Google anymore so you may try Smoothness or etc

I found better performance with 2.1.0 but maybe its my imagination as there are no api changes recently.

What I would like from jQueryEasy is to have option to lot the libraries from Microsoft or maxcdn or etc just as a backup plan....

but you did a great job
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review and your comments, it is really appreciated.
I have thought adding the possibility to choose between different CDNs before but the problem is that they do not always propose all the libraries. For instance, Google does not propose 'migrate' (or even gave up base.css as you noticed and as stated in the plugin's documentation). But I am still considering this feature for a further version.

byanirudh7, March 6, 2014
I own three Event Management Extension

Ohanah - I always had a desire to buy but it looked too much married to JSN Venture Template and hesitated a lot.

When I tired it al-last It was so confusing with module Injector and shit like that but after couple of hours of concentration it fit my purpose so good that I will never regret buying it.

btw support is Great too...

"Maps for All events" Module is so crazy.

but people who are looking for event management extension without a Design but just functional like more dropdown options and Complex Configuration of Email and etc., please try OSDONATION Event Booking or TicketMaster.
Owner's reply


Thanks. We really appreciate your time to write a review. Just to make few things clear:
- Module injector is not needed anymore in Joomla 3
- Ohanah will work with any template
- Map of all events module is crazy GOOD :)

Thanks again and have fun using Ohanah!

byanirudh7, March 2, 2014
OS Property
1) All the other RE extensions are expensive as, and they are not powerful enough to compare with OS property.

2) Support: Sweet-as, I have requested for lot of modifications and developer has lot of patience to fix all my issues.
Btw they do have support via Skype(I never used it though)

3)OS Membership.
byanirudh7, February 14, 2014
Works great on 3.x but on 2.5 it wont checkin plugins but I guess its better to blame Joomla than the developer.

Great Job Developer.
byanirudh7, November 15, 2013
I tried PROJECTFORK and unfortunately it was not for me so I uninstalled it and Guess it simple broke my site.
All my plugins are Unpublished.

Sorry! Developer I truly understand you kept lot of effort in making the extension sharing it with us for free but there is no point it makes more mess than simplifying problems.

Lucky me! I got backup of 4months work.
Owner's reply

Please contact Projectfork never, ever! touches other plugins or extensions. Thank you!

Dear Sreekanth!
You did a real great job.
Thanks for everything.
byanirudh7, October 17, 2013
BT Content Slider
Its works as expected if it does if not just user there professional support for Free
byanirudh7, August 25, 2013
Event Booking
I did liked the 1.5 and 1.6 was great because of SEF. Great Job keep it up!
byanirudh7, August 22, 2013
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
I have tried like crazy number of slider but no other slider can best this one.

Developer has real patience.
Please go nowhere, just buy it you wont regret.
Easy Frontend SEO
Kubik you are the man... Even though EFSEO dropdown not working I got the concept by seeing the video.
btw I have few doubts
1) What are the default setting because i messed it up quite a lot
2)Explain Use relative URLs,Compatibility mode
3) What's the minimum donation(jobless boy here, have to look after Girl Friend)

Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

byanirudh7, March 10, 2013
No publicity stunts
One of best capache I have seen

url to contact form is very gibberish but its a Non-Commercial extension so I dont mind.