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Although PB Booking is designed to be used by salons, spas, etc., it is a VERY flexible and useful piece of software. My client runs a community center that has multiple rooms available for rent. The pricing varies, depending on the length of the booking and the type of organization (for-profit, nonprofit, etc.).

I originally installed the free version, but upgraded to the paid version, and it has been well worth it. I was able to synchronize with multiple Google Calendars, so that reservations created in PB Booking appear in the Google Calendar, and vice versa. I also created multiple custom fields, integrated PayPal for rental fees, and changed the front-end styling quite easily.

Eric, the developer, has been SUPER helpful in responding to my many questions. He has fixed bugs, integrated feature requests, and even corrected me patiently when I reported bugs that turned out to be just mistakes on my part.

Read the feature lists carefully to be sure you're getting the correct version for your needs - but don't hesitate for one minute to purchase the paid version. This is a great extension with even better support!
byannecampbell, August 27, 2013
When I first installed MultiTrans, it immediately crashed and burned with a fatal error. I did some Google searching but couldn't find anyone else with the same problem, so I wrote to Bob, the developer. He got back to me within a couple of hours to suggest a way to fix the problem, but the quick fix didn't work. Bob then spent the weekend writing a custom version of the extension just for me, at no charge! This was way above and beyond the call of duty, and I can highly recommend Bob and his work. Oh, and the custom version of the extension worked perfectly right away.
byannecampbell, March 27, 2012
I was looking for a replacement for my beloved UCD (Ultimate Content Display), which is only available for Joomla 1.5. When I found AiDaNews2, it was only a few minutes before I had it all set up to display news in exactly the way I wanted. It's one of those rare extensions that's powerful AND easy to use AND free!