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byanooska, February 8, 2011
I don't usually write reviews, but after trying your components out, I just had to. This is by far the best component for a community based site on Joomla. The number of features you get is incredible. Keep up the good work guys, and please, don't embrace the dark side and make it commercial, Joomla is open-source, lets keep it open-source.
byanooska, January 5, 2010
Simple File Upload
I came across your module when I was looking for a way to have users/guests securely upload files onto my server. Now your module was flawless and did exactly what its supposed to.

One suggestion for the future. You should work on a captcha system for security reasons. You don't want people spamming your uploader right? ;)
byanooska, December 2, 2009
HOT Image Slider
I searched all over for all sorts of image rotators, and all the free ones either suck or don't work. The good ones you have to pay for, which I think is ridiculous considering Joomla is open source.

This component works really well and it does what its supposed to. I would like to thank the developer for creating this module and offering it for free. It works really well.

I think 2 things that keep this component from being "perfect" are:

1. not being able to add more images
2. not being able to randomize the display of the images

Other than that, this module rocks!