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byanpel, December 13, 2011
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En Masse
The software only support Paypal payment. If you want to have another payment you have to pay them $300. So I need to pay $420 to have this software to be run in my country for 1 month subscription. The price is very expensive while other e-commercial softwares provide many payments free. I ask them for Pagseguro payment and they keep ask me for $300 while they post on their site that they worked to support it already.

They only support people have subscription, you only be able to access document when you have subscription, the forum has many ignored posts because the posters don't have subscription, so that's really unfair. So you need to be rich to pay them often to see the document and ask for support.

They launch a demo site for people to test the software but funny thing is they don't provide any document how to build and use the new features. How can we test to buy if we don't know the features are good? Really poor document!

Have many bugs in the demo site: the image and text overlap, not in line, check out takes so much time (2 min) and then the site dies....

This really not useful for me. This is the most expensive Joomla extension I ever known.
Owner's reply

Hi Sir,

Thanks for your feedback. The posting on Pagseguro payment gateway is very long time ago and there have being changes to the system. The reason why we only support Paypal is because we prefer to focus on 1 payment gateway and focus in improving the frontend and backend system.

We are going through a revamp of the website to improve on the product information. For us, we allow customers to refund if the extension is not up to the standard (They jsut need to provide us a good reason and so that we will able to improve) and we provide pre-sales email for people to ask question.

The reason why we only provide support for people who subscribe is to ensure that we have sufficient finance to develop the extension because we are serious into this business and we are growing the extension's feature and developing a professional team to continue to develop this and provide technical support for long-term...

For people who is running a professional groupon site, it is important for them to get long-term technical support and for the price, if compared that you hire a programmer to develop the features that we have and also with the other extension in the market.... We are consider a lot more cost effective already. On top of that, we provide constant update of features and patches to our system PLUS technical support with 1 day response time. (We are trying hard to maintain that)

We are trying to develop this as a long-term business with support, not as an one-time off extension or to work on it as a hobby.