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byantifmradio, March 25, 2013
Access manager (pro)
i voted fair, only because it seems questionable.
In the backend of Joomla i can pick any user and assign them to a group level. It can even be a Special group that i created.
This special group can have access to multiple levels
For example i can create a group called "Special Access"
and set this group to match the access of
Registered , Author, Manager.
All at the same time
or any other configuration i choose. Then just assign specific users to this group so why do we need this tool?
Owner's reply

Please read this FAQ:

1. so you can set rights on groups instead of levels.
2. so you can reverse rights (selection has NO access)

3. Because in Joomla you can still only assign access to only ONE accesslevel per article/module/menu-item/etc. not multiple. You can create custom accesslevels, sure, but its a nightmare for schools and universities where the users are students and the groups are the courses they take. If there are 20 courses and each student takes on avarage 5 courses you need to make access-levels for EACH COMBINATION of groups. 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 etc. 2-3, 2-4, 2-5 etc. 1-2-3, 1-2-4, 1-2-5 etc. You get the picture, that is 100+ accesslevels, that is totally unworkable. And you would still need double content, which is a nightmare for administrators and users.
In Access-Manager you can set access to as many groups (or levels) as you like. So in the above case you would need only 20 groups.

4. To do ACL stuff that is not in the Joomla core (yet).

5. Access-Manager can set custom actions if the user has no access.

6. Joomla usergroups ALWAYS inherit rights, which can be a pain in the rear, in Access-Manager groups don't inherit, so you are in control.

byantifmradio, March 15, 2013
This is a wonderful tool. Im so happy i came across it. I submitted an extesion to the JED about a month ago and have been waiting for it to approve.
Its almost at the top of the list and i found out i needed to run it past this tool.
Lucky i did because i was missing ONE file.
All that time i have been waiting would have been started all over again.

And to boot. the file i submitted is something everyone around here has been asking for, for about a year now.
byantifmradio, July 19, 2010
i gave it a rating of good instead of one higher,
the only drawback for me is the templates it uses to display the moonth, week, day, style views.

Personally i would like them to work like a module and display CSS according to the skin or template of the site but otherwise

this is a really REALLY REALLY good peice of work.
I needed something that would allow me to add events quickly,
And so far this does the trick.

There is however ONE issue i didnt contact the owner about.

"If you create an event CATEGORY, and the name of the cat is too long, it gets cutoff at the base of the column in the BY MONTH view.
byantifmradio, July 8, 2010
It seems there is still some advancement to be made here but what this is so far is really good as a current release.
I am currently going to test more this compoments use on another site.
I have one site gaining 5 million hits a month
and until this is a bit more adept for that use, ill use it on a lesser site
byantifmradio, May 31, 2010
I love the product i see from you guys. Quite stellar work but for some reason i can never get this installed into my J! site

i dont get much of an error either
Personally i would me MORE than happy to pay for the full version IF i could ever get a demo version installed
Owner's reply

Please send us an email to info[at]... and we will help you.

byantifmradio, May 14, 2010
My MP3 player and Podcast
This is a PRIME plugin to have tied to your JomSocial component.
It works great and REALLY gives something to your users to do.
I am using mine with the settings enabled, and its working just fine ( now )
There were a few problems in the begining before the release was placed here on Joomla but thats all taken care of now.
The developer was really great in helping to solve the problems ( on my end )
It integrates activity perfectly to my activity stream and also works well if you are using the
plugin for JomSocial too.

Good work mate