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I greatly appreciate your work. I do not want to use the auto content conversion by google.
Its my 1st multi-lingual project and i am unaware of Joomfish
So for the purpose just 2 days back i thought to develop similar striped-down package by which i could store alternative titles in different languages for menus & categories, etc. in the DB and fetch respective titles for the selected language.

But yesterday i found this extension so thought to give it a try. And this is exactly what i needed.
Many thanks Stephane for his work.

But unfortunately this extension is in its early beta so don't know what are the issues/bugs/conflicts it posses.

i request everybody to report any error or missing thing you notice to make this extension stable ASAP.

I got 2 issues:
1. The 'alias' column is missing in the 'falang_content' table.
I save both name & alias for the menuitem but didn't get the alias when i edit the same.
2. getting error "Falang Database driver not enabled" despite all falang extensions are enabled.