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byanuragji, April 3, 2009
Simple Picture Slideshow
The objective was clear: I needed a simple slide show tool, that could load images of various sizes in an article and that would work in most browsers. Images should be centered within the slide show and the whole thing floated next to the content. And most of all, my client, who is not very computer savvy, should be able to create them by herself.

So I set out and tested MANY different modules, and they all had one or more limitations: Either the images could not be centered, you needed to jump through hoops to set up the images which were going to be loaded or they would not work in all browsers (without hacks). And all of them would have been to difficult for my client.

I was at the point of giving up and writing my own module, when I came across this fabulous tool, which just WORKS! Nothing more, nothing less.

Simple, consistent and so easy to use. If that is what you are looking for, look no further!

I tried many slideshow modules and plugins in the past few days and many of them had issues: either the slideshow could not be centered