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I hate paying for stuff especially when there is so many free options out there nowadays, but EASYBLOG is worth every penny!!!! I guarantee it. The staff are beyond magnificent when it comes to support. They INCREDIBLE!!!!! I have had easyblog for over a year now on two different sites. When I first purchased Easyblog it installed as easy as adding an attachment to an email & I was up and blogging within seconds. When it came to adding social intergrations like facebook and twitter I am a complete idiot. I have no idea what a token or Oauthcode or API are let alone how to find them, but the staff at EASYBLOG didn't care. Within a few minutes after posting my pleas for help on their forum Jack my own personal superhero came to the rescue. He added facebook, twitter, linkedin, google, stumble & some more to my blog. Every company in the world should take notes on how Easyblog staff hands out stellar customer service to their customers. They are amazing, and today they lived up to their excellent reputation. I haven't blogged since March and when I tried to make a blog post today some new added facebook security feature came up. I am using Joomla 1.5 and Easyblog 3.0 so yes I am behind the times, and have no paid subscription to be getting any kind of support from Easyblog staff. However, after searching through their forums for an answer to my problems Sam & Mark (easyblog staff) became my new superheroes. On a Sunday night instead of watching football or enjoying their weekend they logged on and fixed my problem in under an hour.

There is no better blogging software or staff out there period!!!! I like free as much as the next guy but you get what you pay for, and EasyBlog is well worth the money. Because of the support I got tonight I am going to buy a new subscription not to just get the newest version but support my superheroes at Easyblog they deserve it. Thanks Sam & Mark you guys are awesome!