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JCal Pro
Was happy with the installation of the component, and working on adding events. Missing the possibility to create venues, and link the event to those, though. However, I am most disappointed in not being able to install the themes. Support responded that it is a permissions issue, but the service provider assured me it is not. So asked for additional support on installing the themes, but none is forthcoming. So basically I choose a subscription with 3 themes, but can only use the default. This is important for other potential customers to know.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the note. Unfortunately we cannot troubleshoot issues with hosts. I will say that on 99% of sites, this works fine.

If you PM 'vdrover' on our forum I can give you a tip on how to over-write the default theme with the premium theme of your choosing.

In JCal Pro 3, themes will become joomla plugins, and will be even more reliable.