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byaphid, February 5, 2010
So far, I've been using filezilla + text editors for tweaking templates, css, html etc. Accidentally came across eXtplorer...

It's just wonderful! In my opinion it should be included in the Joomla core. As it says on the box, it's a file management system and has all the features you'd expect for viewing, editing, uploading/downloading files. It reduces enormously the time spent on development and changes, for instance when you need to access component/module files.

Well done to developers for working hard to bring this great extension to the Joomla community!

RSform Pro
I have been using RSForm for sometime now, and find it easy to make simple forms without needing to know any php/javascript/html. However, this product is also deceptively powerful, so if you do have coding skills, you can make quite sophisticated forms and manage submitted data.

Now I have just upgraded to RSForm!Pro and successfully migrated my old forms (modified a script but otherwise it was a painless exercise). In my opinion, RSForm!Pro is a huge improvement. A extremely well-designed, powerful and mature product, it offers many more features than the previous (Lite) version, while being user-friendly and intuitive. For these reasons. I would recommend you upgrade/buy the Pro version. You can still run both versions on each site licence until you're confident everything is working well and then switch.

The growing knowledge base for registered users (don't forget to click the 'Read more'...:-), plus the forum on their site is useful but can be sparse. However, when I needed some specific help, the customer support offered via tickets has so far proved excellent. Oh, and RSForm!Pro is very reasonably priced considering the life time support. Though I don't know how the RSJoomla guys find time to do development, maintenance and support!! My only main criticism? - a lack of detailed documentation and examples. Maybe the guys would like some help, so they can concentrate on development/maintenance? Let me know!

All in all, congratulations and a gold medal for the RSJoomla! team!