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byapplaudmedia, September 21, 2012
Just installed bo:ResetArticleHits to reset hits of a new article that had recorded all my preview hits as author (sure wish we could disable hit tracking for authors).

After enabling the admin module and publishing in cpanel position the job is now super easy to reset hits on an article by article basis.

The search and category view speed finding what the user is looking for. Does just what it promises. Excellent - Thank you!
byapplaudmedia, February 13, 2012
Set Generator tag
Does just what it promises to do, no more, no less.
byapplaudmedia, October 11, 2011
MarkItUp HTML Editor
I've only used this plugin for a short period but have so far found no major issues. A minor annoyance however is the narrow edit window it initially presents, but it can be dragged to resize to whatever size you like. I presume I can set a wider width via skin CSS.

MarkItUp does what it claims and doesn't alter the code; whatever your code looks like when you save it is how it will look when you return to edit. The buttons included with the free version are sufficient for basic edits.

Although few, the buttons included are sure to save HTML coders a lot of time and make this extension well worth installing. Even with my limited use I'm considering upgrading to the Pro version. I'll wait a bit to see how it evolves.
Owner's reply

Thanks for trying the editor and for sharing your feedback!

byapplaudmedia, July 28, 2007
Shape 5 Map it with Google!
This is a very nice module but the non-popup version (1.0) doesn't appear to work. Super simple setup.