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byapplesauce, September 8, 2009
First of all, i gotta say, i am just amazed at how cool this component is. it is so mature and sophisticated! it is bringing functionality to my website that i have been dreaming of for a long time. everything i asked for exactly one year ago, when you gave me a beta version of rsbooking, and a bunch of stuff i didn't know i needed. i did not keep up with your developments and just re-discovered the work you have been doing since then. looks like you've been busy in the last year

after two days of powering out many, many hours of working with it, my customers can schedule an appointment by choosing an available time from the availability grid, pay for it online if they want, i get an email and a text message, the appointment gets entered in my google calendar, which then gets synced to my ical on my desktop. WOW!!!

in the next few days i plan to get it all working from my ipod touch too (this has also added a ton of fuel for my desire to upgrade to an iphone). i would like to see how hard it would be to create an iphone / ipod app that just has the mobile screens that you have created. that sounds like it will be pretty easy.

btw, the user manual is absolutely wonderful! i barely had to use the forums at all to get everything set up the way i wanted.