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byarathra, June 23, 2012
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After a long, convoluted registration process to get the extension I installed it.

There's an issue with JQuery which is either on or off for the entire site through the plugin; with a number of other extensions using JQuery this makes configuring each one of them a pain.

But the big problem for me is that when the plugin is turned on it makes my popup windows appear on a new page and no longer in a popup which is a real pain.

Looks like I'm going to have to uninstall this -- it needs a lot more thought before it is working efficiently.
byarathra, June 16, 2012
FirstFriend for JomSocial
The idea is good and it does work.

However the documentation is a joke. It is appalling and the support is a joke - complete rubbish.

If they bothered to actually put together some decent documentation and tutorials on how to set this up it could be a brilliant extension, but as it is it took me AGES to work out how to set it up properly and this mainly by gleaning tips from other users who'd had the same problems as me.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry documentation on the website is lacking, however in our newer versions we have built-in detailed and thorough documentation into the component itself, every item has a tool tip which explains its purpose, the areas which are complicated have step by step procedures which are clearly outlined.

Also if you ever have any questions about the extension you can call us during business hours or send an email to we respond to every every email of unless of course you are rude, obnoxious or spamming

byarathra, April 3, 2009
JS Jobs
This component is only half finished. There seem to be so many options simply not available and items not working as they should.

For example:

- you can't order the salaries or job categories
- it's not easy to change the layout
- can't add new fields nor delete unwanted fields

And for me the resume sending didn't work at all.