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byarcascomputing, June 24, 2014
Profile Changes Notifier
Does exactly what it says on the tin. We needed this for a site with members but which had a separate members database so we wanted to allow members to update their details but for admins to be notified of the updates so they could update the private DB too. This plugin does just that!

A few more options would be nice, ie choosing the email address(es) to send to, choosing the text for the email but the important info is already in there.
byarcascomputing, June 11, 2013
A truly brilliant extension for creating slideshows quickly and easily with a broad range of options to let you easily tailor the slideshow to your requirements.

The cascading rules structure of overall settings>album settings>module settings means that you can easily create overall layouts but then override them on a per-module basis so that a single slideshow can look entirely different depending on your needs - no need to create multiple slideshows!

The development and support is also great so I'm only too happy to recommend this one.
Watchful Client
An absolutely killer addition to the Joomla world.

As a designer and site developer with over 75 Joomla sites under my belt it's great to be able to offer clients the service to quickly and easily update their sites and extensions.

Not only is it a great service as it stands but in the month and a half we've been using it there have already been significant advances and developments which are all very positive.

Great work from Victor and everyone else there. A killer app.
byarcascomputing, February 1, 2013
Very impressed with this extension to add the ability for people to purchase mp3s from a client's site.

It's much more mature and feature-rich than I was expecting and when we had a few initial issues Gord was very quick and helpful in his response.

Highly recommended to any music sites who'd like to sell directly.
byarcascomputing, February 1, 2013
DJ-Catalog 2
One those components which fills a massive gap in the available extensions - perfect if you want to have a site which basically has ecommerce-like features without the complications of a shopping cart/payment functionality.

The developers are very helpful and responsive and even in the short time we've been using the component they've added more and more features.

Highly recommended.
byarcascomputing, October 11, 2011
The very first extension which we add in to EVERY SINGLE Joomla site which we built - an absolute must in my opinion in order to make the process of updating their site as easy as possible for clients.

Not only does it provide a slick interface for the most common things you will need to do on your pages it also provides a wide range of more advanced tools (image editors, thumbnailing options) which are powerful and well-designed.
We decided to try out Redshop as an alternative to the default of using Virtuemart to develop eccomerce sites within Joomla and are now very glad that we did.

Redshop is extremely feature-rich and continues to mature with each release that is brought out, new features being added all the time. It employs a very elegant templating system to make it easy to adjust layouts from within the component itself (although you can also choose to use MVC template overrrides) and the support via the forums is second to none - Ronni and his team are just brilliant and seem to genuinely want to create the best products available.

The only slight negative comment I might have is that the rate of development was almost *too* fast with revisions coming in thick and fast whilst we were developing that initial site meaning that we had to redo a lot of work, however as the product has grown more mature things have become more stable.

But overall a great product to use - recommended to anyone.