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byardra, July 19, 2009
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
I've tried five or so of these insert-the-analytic-code-for-you modules and plugins offered here. This one is by far the easiest, most straightforward, effortless one I've used. I like that I didn't have to register to download it, didn't have to register with another outfit for it to work, it didn't ask me for information that doesn't exist, and it didn't insist on displaying itself on my site. Lean and neat. Perfect.
byardra, June 22, 2009
Event Registration Pro
I've used DTR and RegPro. In fact, I started with RegPro, but went to DTR because, in my estimation, DTR's presentation is sexier and the registration model was one with which I am wholly familiar. In addition, DTR looks and feels like a traditional registration management program, as opposed to the look RegPro's shopping cart. (I never equated registering for a seminar with tickets and a shopping cart experience....)

However, shopping cart be damnned; I've returned to RegPro and I'm probably staying!

In my experience, DTR and RegPro are both good programs. They both provide registration management for my website. I found the developers of these packages, and their staff, to be professional, helpful, and responsive to my needs. If everything were equal, one would be left to decide between the two programs based on sheer personal preference of registration display, process, and modelling...if everything were equal.

To be sure, DTR is a mega-feature-rich package. RegPro has an abundance of features, as well.

HOWEVER, RegPro has the following features that I have come to appreciate as particularly satisfying:

> Effortless installation,
> Easily configurable native paypal and offline payment options,
> Affordable OSDSC payment plugin that is both an easy installation and quick configuration (with a responsive and instructive support staff),
> Clean, intuitive, and straight-forward database schema,
> Concise, crisp code,
> A complete user's manual,

and most importantly, to me:

DT Register
I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for putting out such a thoughtful, well designed registration program. For a minute it was a tough going between yours and Registration Pro, which I purchased, but in the end, DT Registration simply looked cleaner and the files were easy to follow and modify.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Registration Pro. The folks there are extremely helpful and the product is a good one. It could be a bit less pricey for what it does.

The one thing you have, however, that the others do not is an intuitive group registration model. Registration for an event is not like putting something in a shopping cart. That's just the way it is. It was that group registration that proved to be the tipping point.

My site is up and running. Keep up the great work!