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byarekanderu, June 12, 2007
1) I find it big disadvantage the fact that you can not relate Tasks with files. Filemanager comes a bit pointless if you do not have this flexibility.

2) The overall project completed percentage should have an option to be disabled because a project might never finish because it is active and always is going to tasks and by having the overall average of the tasks there might be confusing.

3) A proper way to add a project leader should be implemented and not by having to create a usergroup, make the appropriate permission settings, add the project leader and then make the group a Project Group.

4) Someone else said it but i will say it again that..Calendar is at the moment totally useless if it's not bound to tasks deadlines. Personally i would prefer not having it around making confusing than to have it and not be able to use it properly.

5) Importing a specific user at a website with more than 5000 members without a search filter is....very frustrating.

6) Proper notifications to the project leader by setting it at the Project options and not at each task individually. Automatically the project leader should receive a notification that a new task is added and the status on it each time is changed.

It definetely needs lot of work because things like the above are very basic stuff to project & task management.
Owner's reply

hi there,

Thanks for pointing out the weak points of the component :)
I'm quite aware of these, and I'm working on improvements.