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The product is very good so five star. Documentation is a little sparse in the site: it should be gathered all in one doc to make it easier. Still, it's there.
I wished they clean a little the site: many of the conditions are sparse and not immediate to go through - but all needed is clearly stated.

Support - rated 4 stars. At the beginning I was a little angry for download rules: only 2 download for the price paid instead of the usual 1 year. After discussion, team accepted to change and relax rules bringing this to 4 times, so covering a year. Considering reaction, I improved my ratings.
byarioli, June 1, 2012
It is a very effective plugin: all it does is needed and should be done actually bu joomla itself. I confess it is not an easy plugin to set-up and delicate with conflicts on others. I had a couple of issues I solved with the support: even this was not easy in term of communication style, but still effective and when I gave credentials they solved all for me. Overall, once you get used it is terrific and let you customize all the links. Hard, but don't regret a single bit of what I paid.
Read Less - Text
I used and was satisfied... marvellous presentation, very useful. But I stumbled on an issue: conflict with a social bookmark plugin which puts in each article the button for sharing. Now, what happens is that after I enabled the other plugin (Social Bookmarkin Genius) also in my category view ... readless text gets messed. Indeed, readless text takes the image of the first social share link (say diggit) and does a thumbnail out of that and not of the original image of the article to be thumbnailed. I tried to push the social bookmarks at the bottom of the article to see it readlesstext was not deceived but it did not help. I've asked the provider of the other a potential solution.

Pity because yours is a very nice piece of code. I want to use this !! Suggestions