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byarizonawebdesign, June 25, 2013
JJ Social Slider
I really like this extension, it looks good and it can be disabled for smaller screens, awesome!
Okay, I know that unless my site gets hacked I really don't know how well this works. However, with that understanding, it installed well, that is, after I disabled my "register global" in my php.ini file. I use Hostgator and they require it turned off thru the php.ini file. They tell you in the forums that you should have register globals disabled because, really, without it - any security add on is really useless. I believe them so mine is disabled! Anyway, thanks for the plugin, I'm trusting it will help keep my client's site safe (especially since it is going to be hosted on Siteground's server - the guys who wrote the plugin)
As far as the footer, just take it out of the plugin file. I didnt mess with the php code, just the html section that puts it in there.