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I tried this extension and simply flipped for it. Was perfect in FF, which I know a lot of us use, but when I checked it in IE 6 and 7.

It seemed to conflict with other scripts running on the site.

I saw a query of the same in forum (which I could read but not respond to), but couldn't locate a free support registration, which kinda rendered the support useless. (Owners if I missed something pls drop me a line).

Would really like to use this extension.

Honestly I love VM, and spending time configuring it and so would be nice if the documentation was improved and even better if someone really cared about the users in the forum.
byarjwad, May 11, 2009
Guillermo's support and willingness to help make his product better and more user friendly forces me to give this an extra star over and above the product itself doing exactly what it is meant to do.
byarjwad, December 1, 2008
Was looking for an alternative to avre for module usage as that was slowing down my site immensely. This does the trick perfectly in conjuction with the UCD module (read note in the forum).

I just wish there was some way we could turn off those options that youtube throws up for alternate videos - they keep popping up disturbing the video if your mouse hovers around the bottom of the module.
byarjwad, August 27, 2008
Perfect for any sports site - so far have used it only for Formula 1 (it was designed for racing), but from what I've seen so far, the back-end is very neatly packaged and can be used across sports.

Future Version Recommendations
1. Some code clean-up is required - need the msgs to be more user friendly - still get a few sql warnings if u press the wrong stuff.
2. Is hard to use mid-season as a lot of the data has to be manually fed in. Would be ideal if this came with a sql dump as well to pre populate the tables.

Requires some time and patience to configure, but definitely worth the effort.
byarjwad, July 4, 2008
Best module I've come across yet!

Would be nice to get the flags - also does not work as smoothly with IE 6 as it does with Firefox. Haven't yet tested on IE 7.

Also you would need the fonts installed on your comp to test fully.