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Very simple, K2 can do things that Joomla alone just can't. Endless category nesting, endless Template and Module overrides, integrated tag system to select across categories regardless of their inheritance structure, ACL not limited to 7 user groups, but endless groups and object related, just to mention a few. Newbies may get depressed at first ( and write some bad reviews ), having a decent PHP and HTML-CSS base is the only way to understand how amazing and powerful this extension is, and never build another site without it ( it just wouldn't make sense ).
Learning curve: Not so easy, but trust me, it's worth every hour you spend on it. For those who think there is too much stuff , too complex, in no time you'll find out how many things are still missing.
Thank you, you are a great team.
byarnolf, November 4, 2009
Modules Anywhere
It can't get any simpler than this, and the editor button is very handy to pick on modules without living the current article.( that was a surprise )
For some reason it doesn't insert the snippet in JCE, but, I wouldn't even bother with it, it already does more than expected.
Check the other extensions from his site, everything he has developed should be part of the Core. Thank very much for this and all your extensions.
Owner's reply

The JCE problem is a bug in JCE. They have a fix on their site here: