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Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
Well revolution slider version 1 was nice, but the new version is beyond amazing!

This is a truely ingenious component... takes some time to get hang of all the nits and grits because there's so much functionality that you can create parallax slides and amazing animations, everything is fully customizable and the results are mouthwateringly beautiful once you get a hold of it.
This thing is the best thing since flash only much much better.
The support were really kind as to give my client a free update from V1 to V2 due to some issues, no questions asked.

Definitely money well spent!
BreezingForms (Lite)
As a studio we're very keen to use a lot of CrossTec solutions, very professional and high-quality solutions that are well coded, the Breezing Forms lite version is easier and more convenient and simplified than the premium component - but still retains great versatility and functionality compared to many form solutions, installation and setup was straight forward and simple.

On the support side - CrossTec crew are always happy to help and receive inputs about their products, they have been very patient and helpfull to us when we tried to do various custom manipulations on the form flows.

As far as documentation their products are extremely well documented.

Thumbs up CrossTec
ReReplacer Rocks! it works really nicely, very easy to set up, very flexible - even in the free version.

I had an issue and received a reply in the forum within minutes.
what more can you ask for?
AwoCoupon Starter
Great component, easy to use and integrate and it works out of the box, the free version has some very nice and powerfull features, definitely the best VM coupon system we tested...
One day out the blue, the forms in our site stopped submitting, this is apparently due to the many faults of the joomla cache, this plugin sorts things out in a second. Very very useful.
We've been using Breezing Forms since it was called Facile Forms, which is more than 5 years, it's an outstanding platform that allows us to build very elaborate custom forms, be it contact forms, questionnaires, donation / paypal forms, order forms and anything you can think of...
with stages, verifications and whatever your heart desires.

We've used it in scores of sites over this time period.

The latest version includes a great interface to translate the forms which is a massive improvement from the old-school method of having one form for each language.

Support from them has been beyond great, great response times, always willing to help and go the extra mile to help even when they don't really have to.

Thanks to Markus and the CrossTec team, these guys know what they're doing...
byartbit, December 1, 2013
Store for K2
We love working with K2 store!
it's a great easy shop, both to develop and for the clients to work with!
Support is great!
Thanks for this great extension!
byartbit, December 1, 2013
StyleWare K2 Google Maps
Well the product works as advertised! and works well...
Fast to install - fast to operate and works great!

Support was lightning fast...
i'm a happy client and will definitely consider more extensions from this developer.
byartbit, November 27, 2013
Multiple Extra Fields Groups for K2
We're very happy to have come across this extension and its developer, the extension allows associate more than one extra field group to a K2 category and k2 item, this is very easy to set up - had it up and running in minutes.

Support is also great - the developer has been very helpful, gave us a great price for tweaks and customization as we needed to our specific needs, and was very fast on execution and delivery and has been a pleasure to work with!
byartbit, October 16, 2013
Admin Menu K2
This is a must for all K2 lovers out there, it will replace the default joomla articles menu - i love it!

Looking forward to see the J3 version!
Owner's reply

J3 version is out, have fun :)

It works just as advertised!
you can select any table of any component from the database and create a sitemap!

It will go places no other sitemap has gone before :-)
i am happy client, was well worth the money spent!

I needed something to work with my Jomres listing site which contains over 500 properties and this one worked great, and i got good support also from the developers when i ran into some configuration issues.
Let me start by saying this is by far - light years ahead of the average joomla component, great User interface and experience, very comprehensive backend which allows you to configure the work process to extremely precise specs, everything is controllable and editable, i am astounded by the amount of work and effort and quality of craftsmanship inserted into this module...
i love it!
if you need an FAQ / FAQ community tool, with subscriptions to questions and replies - this baby rocks!!!
Super Slider for K2
For a new project we're working on we required a gallery that switched between pictures and streaming videos in K2 articles - and K2 super slide delivers.
convenient, easy to use and integrate.

At first install i had a bug due to K2 releasing a new update, one email and a few hours later Cecil fixed this issue, and provided great support at great response times.
Customization and skinning service is provided at more than fair prices.

I would certainly recommend both the product and commend the support.
will definitely consider buying more extensions from this developer.
This is a fine product for joomla, works and delivers well on this platform just as joomfish,

however K2 is very poorly supported - and i payed good money for two licenses hoping this would be my savior, the program is buggy, for example some of the K2 fields get deleted if you press "apply" and not "save & close",
also it's not compatible with K2store, which is what i bought this for...

All my concerns were emailed and for every mail i got a one sentence reply - "is not supported" or "can't be done". without real answers to my questions... and for some emails i didn't receive any reply, by far my least pleasent experiences dealing with a developer. I am reserved person so i didn't bother to write angry emails, but for a user who bought two licenses within such a short period of time, i would expect more courtesy and attention to my questions,

i made two multilingual k2 sites with store - i'm not a happy puppy, my next project i think i will opt for zoo + zoolingual.
Owner's reply


Sorry i don't remember your mail but :
- K2 is full supported (with tweak for custom fields)
- The 100998 of the community don't have an content elmement for Falang your right.
- There are some extension who can't be translated with Falang because there are not compatible, i can't do nothing for that but generaly i write to the developper to make it compatible.

Best regards,

byartbit, December 2, 2012
Gold Picasa Gallery
After trying most of the free options available i opted for this extension.. and..
Well first of all thanks to the developer for ultra-fast responses on all my issues...
and this component works so nicely it just amazing, very easy interface! and you can't go wrong! 1 minute to integrate, 1 minute to figure it out... management is really simple!!! you enter either user email, gallery link, or whatever you have, it will show you all the public galleries for that user, you then choose the ones you wish to use.
the thumbnail streaming is incredible, and it looks spetacular...
thanks again!
byartbit, November 25, 2012
Qlue Custom 404
Very nice piece of software,
very simple interface - easy to integrate and follow, very usefull and does what it says,
i opted for the pro version, well worth the dough!
the only snag i can point out, is that if you're running a home page which is module based, the customizable redirection text area will appear in the content area - below the modules - but still, you're better off landing in the homepage rather than an ugly 404 page - it would have been nice to have been able to redirect from within the component to a specific joomla a specific menu item rather than to use the htaccess to point it at the qlue content id., which is dependent on the parent.
but other than this - it's great!
Image Show GK4
Gavick image show is one the best slideshow modules in the history of joomla to my opinion!

the back-end for the module is a masterpiece, allowing clients to add slides as desired, each slide can be defined to contain title text, sub text, custom picture and can be linked to custom url / k2 item / joomla article.

it has a lot of possibilities, transitions, styles and configurations, however it may require good CSS knowledge to get it to behave nicely or as you want in non-gavick templates.

we use this and NewsShow Pro by Gavick all the time! it's a killer solid solution for great looking tidy front pages.

Thanks for this one!
This is just what i was looking for!!! my client needs to track 4500 parking permit requests each quarter, each request requires the applicant to fill a form to with personal and car details, and requires uploading various attachments (up to six - such as i.d., permits, car license etc., medical memos)
The client wanted also that name as entered in the form will be the name from which the email arrived, and they wanted the client ID (client number) to appear in the subject line for easy tracking and retrieval of requests, and all the info + attachments need to be delivered to email as well!

All this was easy to use and easy to set-up - right out of the box - there's a lot of functionality, the major advantage of this form is that it will deliver any number of attachments to an email out of the box - no scripting, no 'light programming', no tweaking - just do it...

and the absolute candy here - there's also a small and basic, but perfect back-end message tracking system, with customizable statuses so applications can also be managed from the backend - each status can be filtered and color coded for easy spotting of missed/unhandled messages.

there's also a nice basic custom fields editor and for each form you create you can decide what fields you want to use.

all in all a really nice, handy and excellent component, and to seal the deal - it's FREE... so what more can ask for!

I will definitely donate for this one - i would have gladly paid for it.
byartbit, February 8, 2012
Accordion FAQ
Easy to install!
Nicely Documented!
Quite fexible!
Works really well!
Took me a couple of minutes to install,
a couple of minutes to read the syntax for the plugin, and a few minutes to implement into my document, i love it...
Deluxe News Pro
I saw the demo for the Deluxe news Pro and opted for a subscription to joomla xtc, big disappointment, for a product that is so not for the basic user, it's surprising there's absolutely no documentation at all, i have payed 90$ for a subscription in thought that there would be code samples in the user forum, but there's absolutely no info, or samples, and no tutorials at all...
big disappointment,
I am hoping i will get info soon from the developers - i have asked them to add more information on how to use the product in the forum
Owner's reply

The Docs are online - As well the module includes the LAYOUTS we show in the DEMO as templates - You can use these or do your own custom markup - It's not very nice to complain here that you don't have HTML or CSS skills as any web designer should have the basic knowledge of these.

Please find docs here:

As you see there ARE code examples and enough to get you started.

If you have an issue with the module you can always contact our support team with a support ticket and we can help you work anything out.

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