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byartsx, January 21, 2007
I have been a Zoom user for about a year and was quite happy, I'd tried other gallery components but they either didn't work or were too basic. I had even tried RSgallery but with little or no luck.

I regularly check for install updates and recently updated Zoom it was a disaster it looks good but users have found it awkward and incredibly slow and the modules caused all sorts of validation errors, I didn't know what to do but get on joomla and investigate the possibility of a new gallery, I tried Gallery2 but too much faffing about, that's ok if you just have one site but when your handling 20 plus it's far too time consuming. I noticed RSgallery and sighed if only it would work, I downloaded the zip then uploaded the file to my site, BINGO! it worked straight away and at first look is absolutely perfect!

A gallery should be practicle and present your pictures clearly after all they are what you want people to look at as opposed to a graphically complex gallery that takes forever to load.

Thanks RSgallery simple, clean, fast and very praticle with enough features to keep me happy