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byarun2006th, September 29, 2014
Marco's noFollow
This is the best one out there for this purpose. I already tries noext links plugin but it failed me.
byarun2006th, November 9, 2013
JUX Weather Forecast
Normally I don't go for commercial extensions, but this is worth the money and exactly what I was looking for. Very beautiful and a treat for your eyes.
The support is also exceptional.
byarun2006th, October 24, 2013
Noo Weather
In my opinion this module must not be published in extension directory in the first place as it packed with 1000's of bugs. It will not properly displayed in IE, the multiple city option will not work and there is no option to display the output in horizontal layout.
Owner's reply

Please do not give us any bad review before contacting us.

We have a free forum support, free support ticket system. So please contact us before submit any bad review.

I don't think you are using this extension. So think is a fake review. It does not have any bugs or issue with the city select option.

Anyway, thank you for your bad review.

byarun2006th, May 5, 2012
Till now I was using AIContact Safe. It was good till I updated to Joomla 1.7. But after updating to 1.7 the email in my webmail started to show weird texts.
So I uninstalled AiContactSafe and installed ALFContact. In simple words, hats off.....
byarun2006th, July 13, 2011
This is really a time saver for you if you frequently want access the already created articles, components or anything in the admin dock
byarun2006th, June 22, 2011
This is the modern JCE editor. This component is highly customizable and a perfect editor. This is truly the perfect modern editor for Joomla.
byarun2006th, May 24, 2011
After installing this substandard plug in my site front and back end became dead slow.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry you had trouble with the extension. Your site getting slow because of the plugin is very uncommon and might come from server misconfiguration (check your gzip handler).

The plugin is very light-weight and is intended to speed up your website. For problems, please write an e-mail instead of a hasty negative review.

byarun2006th, May 6, 2011
Mini FrontPage
The thumbnails only works for some articles in the front, for others it shows the default image. Apart from the module is looking good.
byarun2006th, April 28, 2011
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Hi this is really a great plug-in. I used a lot of stupid plug-ins early but none were working, this one saved me a lot of time. Thanks for the developer...
byarun2006th, April 20, 2011
This is a very nice extension doing what it is meant to be. Thanks for the developer. This extension removes the burden of different langauge packs for the website.
byarun2006th, April 8, 2011
Content Templater
It's saves me a lot of time. It's very easy to use and working. I am using a lot of extension from the same developer Peter van
byarun2006th, March 25, 2011
BreadCrumbs Advanced
I installed this module and after uninstalling I noticed that my page speed is fluctuating...It's crazy.....Caution test on a demo site first..
Owner's reply

Sorry to read about your dissapointing experience with the BreadCrumbs Advanced module. But testing and unstalling any module/component doesn't always mean it's the cause of website problems.
The Breadcrumbs advanced module is an exact copy of the original breadcrumbs sourcecode from the Joomla! team with a few changes to "cut off" text (breadcrumbs). So nothing is added that could slow down any website.

And remember when you uninstall the module you also set the breadcrumbs module display back in the correct layer (the default one for the template you use). You also can contact us through our webpage for assistance.

byarun2006th, January 19, 2011
JCK Editor
There is no doubt JCK Editor is the best. I think JCE is outdated.
Owner's reply

Thanks (o:b

byarun2006th, December 20, 2010
This is a very handy extension, no words to describe. I was very much disturbed when I Thought of starting a Mobile review site, thoughts where, how to to design the site, how to place the layout, how to show the specification, but all my worries where gone when I downloaded and installed Slider.
If you have still have doubt please visit my site at
byarun2006th, December 20, 2010
I can assure you, that this is a wonderful extension from my personal experience. It's very easy to use and looks nice.