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byasgcb, November 29, 2011
Wow! What a product and what a deal! (FREE). I am putting together a pretty complex site and was rather surprised that Joomla! does not include basic features such as sub-section/category options or options to link articles to multiple categories and subcategories and cross linking. But after a lot of searching, and wanting to try to start with something free if possible with an extremely limited budget, I found this module/extension. At first it took a little bit of figuring out (the documentation helped), but then once I learned how to find the simple integration through the main menu subcategories option that came with the module, everything took off in rapid form. I was able to quickly and efficiently link the menu items to categories and subcategories with the module and integrate with Joomla basic tie together articles as desired. You can set up articles and link them either from the categories module or directly from the article (though a drop down link at the bottom of the article) and instantly link to pretty much any number of categories and subcategories just by clicking! That's it and you're done! I was even able to successfully bypass the sections area completely and go straight to categories and subcategories using the module to get everything done. This is probably the best module, besides the test editing modules, that I have come across for Joomla. I just about gave up on Joomla for some of my needs until I found this module. Very, very, very well done to the developers! The fact that you have contributed such a great quality product for free to the public makes you, in my mind, as legendary to the contribution to Joomla as the great editor modules. As the the tea cup on Beauty and the Beast said after playing with the inventor's experiment - "You guys have got to try this thing!"
Thank you and keep up the great work - it is very much appreciated!