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I have been searching JED for the last few months to come across a Job Component that is perfect for my website. I tried almost all the Job Components available but none were even remotely close to what I have been looking for.

Finally I am glad that I came across the perfect solution. This component is highly configurable (even though it works perfectly out of the box) to your websites requirement and is actively developed.

There may be one of two minor shortcomings (which component hasn't?) but with prompt support that I received, its more than a deal.

Even some of the best components you will find develops over a period of time. For a component as new and fresh as this one, the features that it provides is already impressive. We just have to see how soon it makes to the Elite Club of components - it has the definite potential in the near future!
byashishb01, June 30, 2010
I am giving it only a 5 star cos there arent any 6 stars available!.
I would say that this component suite (along with chrono connectivity, along with CB from joomlapolis, ranks as the best components available for Joomla today. CB still has some limitations (like ameturish looks, etc), but Chrono-engine has no limitations whatsoever. Here is why:
1. No functionality limitations for free users! Just a deveopers link on you forms which you would happily keep considering the great work they have done
2. Superb support! Whether u are a free user, or a premium one, there is no discrimination on the value of the support you receive. With admins like Greyhead and max, just post a question and you get a solution in a hours time... just report a bug and they mail you a patch
3. For coders and Non-Coders alike: even though chronoforms is primarily for non-coders, its is so smartly designed, that there is virtually room to put in you custom code snippets anwhere. even though its wizard allows you a GUI to drag and drop forms and can be used even by ppl who have never seen an html tag in their life. However, for more experienced webmasters, it has many places wherein u an put you little phps to attain whatever you want
4. Achieve almost any functionality you want! almost all things you can dream to do with your forms is possible
5. A host of Plugins and enhanced functionalities like dynamic emails that make your form look truly professional.
6. and here is my reason to give it a sixth star! I will say it again Support! support! Support! is phenomenal!

Thank you chronoforms.