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byaskanoulis, December 11, 2013
I checked the ini file in languages and found it has totally nothing to do with an ini file! There isnt anything that could be corrected as it is a non ini file! I also checked at the site for support and questions from other even from 2011 are still unanswered. I wonder if someone faces a serious problem if it will be worth to even try it! maybe in a sandbox environment. But then again ... we arent here for testing things but rather find solutions to our problems! If you publish something better make sure you know what you are releasing!
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I am sorry you were unhappy with Glossary, which is used successfully on many web sites. It does not use an ini file for language, but language support works fine using symbol definitions. The support page makes it clear that the forum is for self help - if it isn't working, then so much for community. It also indicates that there is a ticket system, and tickets are processed promptly. You can also email the developer - the email address is in every code module. Nobody is asking you to test, but please review the support options before writing reviews :)

byaskanoulis, July 22, 2011
Well, I had a bad experience with jnews. I first installed the main program, which went smoothly. After that you get a message that the it has to be published. I dont know why they added this info, it might be because many users forget in genereal to publish their extensions and start bothering the support team! However, I published the extension. When I went back to their site to see if there were any plugins for jnews I saw about 8 plugins for jnews. I download all of them and istalled them with no problem. The problem started when I tried to publish them. I selected all jnews plugins, one after another and published them. At cron I got as an result a bad url page on my administrator site. I went to the website and it was gone, no website, no admin. I felt like the world had fallen on my head! I went into the domain site with ftp. But what to do ? where could I in heaven know how and what to reverse!! Good thing is the online help advised me just to delete all jnews folders, which I did. After that I got my site back. The support person said I did not need to install all the separate plugins as they are already included in the main extension. Pitty I couldnt smell that on my fingernails as noone else seemed to find it to mentioned somewhere and save me time and effort besides the horror feeling having lost the site for 2 hours!
Further more I tried to installed it a second time, I dont want anyone to say I didnt give it a second try. But as anyone can imagine, just by deleteing some folders it doesnt mean it is clean in the admin section. So as soon as the extension was installed the site went down again. I tried to take every single plugin in an unplublished state to see where the problem exactly was. I had no luck until today. For me this extension was a good lesson of being careful with every little bits and piece that suppose to help you make your site more interesting and richer in content. I think I will start from now on a second replicated site and do my testing all there. It takes more time but can save you some tears one day. My joomla version for the records is 1.6.4 with no language mods or anything that could mess up the extensions with eachother.

I really do not know what went wrong and I do not feel like wanting to loose more time on it.
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My apology for the trouble that caused in your website. I would like to remind users to read the instructions properly in our download page. It is clearly stated that "ALL our plugins and modules are ALREADY included in each package and are automatically installed for the convenience of the user. If any reason you want to re-install a plugin or module, you may download it in the download page".

Regarding the module notification we made that for the convenience of the user, since for the module is necessary for subscription.

Some of those plugins are for Commercial versions and you had a free version that is why it created some issues.

We appreciate the feedback and are going to make sure you can't install module or plugins which are not suitable for the used components.

You are most welcome to contact our 24 hours support during weekdays so that we can attend to your issue IMMEDIATELY.

jNews Support team