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byaskanoulis, December 11, 2013
I checked the ini file in languages and found it has totally nothing to do with an ini file! There isnt anything that could be corrected as it is a non ini file! I also checked at the site for support and questions from other even from 2011 are still unanswered. I wonder if someone faces a serious problem if it will be worth to even try it! maybe in a sandbox environment. But then again ... we arent here for testing things but rather find solutions to our problems! If you publish something better make sure you know what you are releasing!
Owner's reply

I am sorry you were unhappy with Glossary, which is used successfully on many web sites. It does not use an ini file for language, but language support works fine using symbol definitions. The support page makes it clear that the forum is for self help - if it isn't working, then so much for community. It also indicates that there is a ticket system, and tickets are processed promptly. You can also email the developer - the email address is in every code module. Nobody is asking you to test, but please review the support options before writing reviews :)