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byasoundidea, September 4, 2013
JobGrok Premium
Works exactly as expected. Simple and clean compared to others of this type. The customer service may be the best I've come across...
Viper Youtube Video Gallery Pro
I bought and downloaded this extension based on how nice it looks and how well it's configured. However, there was a conflict with a CSS file in the template on the site on which I wished to use it. I posted my problem on the developer's forum and in a couple of fairly quick exchanges, he looked at the site and provided me with a line of custom code to add to the template's CSS file to make the extension work correctly. Every developer could learn from Dallas and the way he treats his customers. Thanks, man.
byasoundidea, November 19, 2011
Proforms Basic
I've been using Proforms - both the free and the paid versions - for some time, and have generally been impressed with the extension itself, and would give it five stars except for this:

I can understand that the developers wish to generate revenue through technical support. However, this is about the only developers site I know of that has no alternative such as a forum for users to discuss issues amongst themselves.

I have what I'm sure is a minor problem that I only have with a specific template, which another user has probably already solved, but there's no place for me to ask.

Trying to force someone to pay a minimum of €25 when they could probably get a solution from a users forum is anti-consumer and frankly, contrary to the spirit of the Joomla! community. If you're not under a service contract, and have ANY kind of a problem, you're just out of luck.