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byaspagarino, December 2, 2009
Zap Calendar
This calendar have very nice and important features. Is extremely user friendly since it allows the easy integration with iCal feeds. Excellent job!!!
byaspagarino, December 19, 2008
I am migrating a website with over 5,000 users. This Component made the migration process SUPER easy.

I like the fact that it gives you the option to import the passwords or you can assign them. I just save all the records into a comma delimited text file and copy and pasted the file into the component... over 5000 records imported fast. It then fives you warning of duplicate entries or other errors that you can track down easily.

Two thumps UP!
byaspagarino, October 3, 2008
The new version runs well on Joomla 1.5 (native)

This is a perfect fit for non-profit organizations that would like to extend the capabilities of Joomla CMS to a CRM. CiviCRM is not a simple component, is a whole CRM system so you need to be patient with the installation process.

I was able to import over 9,400 contacts from over 3,000 organizations. The learning curve is not so bad (it may take you a couple of weeks) and the support is superb.

Event Registration will allow you to customize registration fields and the user can keep a record of all the events that he/she attended. There is also an option to synchronize your events with an iCalendar, so you get the flexibility of displaying the events in different formats.

From the administrator point of view you can collect information for many different internal lists. The records can be exported or imported from CSV. This CRM is just great but be aware that is not for beginners.
byaspagarino, August 22, 2008
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Flickr Suite Content
This plugin is very easy to configure and works very well on Joomla 1.5

Just be aware that if you are loading a Flickr album with lots of images, your page may take a little longer to upload. However, this little inconvenience is compensated by the fact that you can access and customize any image from your Flick account, including the captions.
Owner's reply

Getting all photo related information from the Flickr API can indeed slow down loading your page. Enabling the cache function of the plugin will make the plugin store the requested photo information locally, for the amount of time set in the plugin configuration. Upon re-requesting the page within the cache time boundary, it probably speeds up loading your page significantly.

byaspagarino, July 24, 2008
Google Maps by Reumer
This tool is just fantastic.

Make sure to read the instructions.

Also for extending the plugin to component and modules you need to make a little modification to the index.php on the Joomla root directory... be aware on your upgrades that you might need to make changes to the file.

In the setup for the plugin you may need to input your coordinates (LAT and LOG)... I found a great site to do

Hands down the most amazing google map tool out there, great job!