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byassad, October 26, 2014
Latest News Timeline
I like this module a lot, it is a very intuitive way to present the news. Installation was very easy and it work right out of the box.
I would suggest to add a character limit for article, so that people who do not use joomla read more can specify how many character they want to show on the article.
Also, show the category, number of comments at the bottom of the article. I only saw that option on the K2 version
byassad, February 24, 2014
RAXO All-mode K2
The author claims that the module is responsive, but it is not responsive at all. The default mode layout has the image resized at specific width and height, thus making it not responsive. If you are viewing the module on a mobile device, the pictures look exactly the same as on a desktop.

Other than that it is a good module for displaying your news throughout your site.
byassad, January 23, 2014
DI Online Radio
This is a very useful module, thank you for sharing.

I would be nice, upon selection of the radio channel to load a player at the bottom instead of try to use an external player.
Also, much nicer if you can use it as a popup, so you can navigate away from the page and keep listening.
byassad, January 23, 2014
Google Region News
Nice, simple and easy to use.
Took the liberty to add 'Senegal' to the news listing.

Thank you!!!
byassad, December 22, 2012
JU Tooltip
Great tooltip, this is the best tooltip i have found it, it is very easy to use and customized.

Thanks again for sharing!
byassad, May 15, 2011
This is an excellent extension, probably the most usefull of all my extension. I thank the author for making it free.

I think I could not figure out is how to set the cronjob
byassad, February 17, 2011
Just the level of support that the team provides is enough to consider this extension. These people will go beyond to make sure you have everything working the way you want.

The blog extension is very nice, it has all the bells and whistle you could ask for.

kudos to the team
Owner's reply

Thanks for your great reviews!

byassad, October 12, 2009
I still do not understand why this component is not made for 1.5 native...